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A world-class digital solution used by more than 200 satisfied education institutions worldwide.


Dream Apply is your all-in-one student application management platform, supporting in:

· Direct Applications ·International Applications ·Summer Programmes ·Short Courses ·Transnational Education Management ·Study Abroad

Since 2011 we have helped solve student admission issues for more than 200 education institutions in 25 countries and we would be glad to work with you to help you bring your admission system to the next level.

No more need for PDF applications or constant email reminders.

Student application management

Manage more applications with less effort

Customized workflow Build application workflows to suit your needs with customisable checklists. Save manual work with point & click automation rules.


Organisation Follow the applicant throughout the application process with clear statuses and access rules.


Communication Bring your admission process to the next level using DreamApply's smooth communication flows and customised offer letters with branded letterheads.


Handling your applicant's journey has never been easier and faster!


Evaluate - Select your best-fit applicants with built-in scoring and evaluation tools, including automated video interviews, and scoresheets that you can easily share with your professors and departments.


Flag, share and issue offers Mark notable applications and share them across your organisation for evaluation and feedback.

Analyse - Maintain a constant overview of your admission process with clear reporting, export wizards and a full-featured dashboard.


Key Features:


  •  Pre-recorded Interviews - Avoid the hassle of scheduling Skype calls - DreamApply sends out video interview   invitations automatically and applicants can record their responses at their leisure.

  •  Finances – Collect payments via automated invoice and payment gateways

  •  Intelligence/Compliance - Save time and reduce liability by letting the system automatically check scanned identity   documents for expiration and information mismatches.


Easy to use generation-C application management system to cover all application needs.


Use the intelligence software to confirm documents and save time on follow ups.


The tools to streamline and maximise staff efficiency through one click conversion.

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