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Mental Toughness is a personality trait which determines, in a nutshell, how everyone responds to challenge, stress and pressure, irrespective of their circumstances in which they find themselves.  In essence, mental toughness provides us with the insight to understand why we react the way we do and why we think like we do.  Also, as a personality trait, we have the ability to develop our mental toughness and therefore we can positively impact on our ability to deal with the stress and pressures of life. 

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The MTQ assessment suite allows for you and your institution to gain insight that has never been readily available before.  MTQ measure will assess the individual in areas that will shape their personal development and more importantly will provide you with the understanding of where to place your efforts in terms of student wellbeing and support strategies.  MTQ and the Mental Toughness Framework will enable departments and support staff to gain a valuable overview of the mindset of individuals before educational development activity begins.  The key areas in which we know we can positively impact are;

  • Performance. Individuals perform more effectively in terms of volume and quality of work.  In education, we see a clear correlation between mental toughness and performance in examinations and tests at all levels of education. These studies consistently show that their mental toughness explains around 25% of the variation in a person's performance in exams.

  • Positive Behaviour.  The higher the level of mental toughness, the more the individual demonstrates positive behaviours.   They will adopt a “can do” attitude and there is clear evidence that the higher the level of mental toughness, the more likely the individual will engage in activities.

  • Completion/Retention/Drop-Out rates. There is a strong link between mental toughness and the extent to which a student will stick with a programme of study or work and will see it through to a conclusion.   The impact across existing clients has seen an improvement of up to 30% in student retention figures,

  • Wellbeing. The greater the level of mental toughness, the greater the sense of wellbeing. This translates into outcomes such as:

    • Improved attendance/reduced absenteeism.

    • I am dealing more effectively with challenging days and adversity.

    • Reductions in reported bullying.

    • I can put setbacks into perspective and recover more quickly.

    • Sleeping better.​

  • Aspirations. Studies show that mental toughness appears to be positively correlated with career aspirations and aspirations in general. The mentally tough seem more ambitious than the average. For instance, in social work, this can be particularly significant in areas of social and economic deprivation where the prevailing ethos might be one of despair or “helplessness”.

Student Retention

The MTQ suite has proven to positively impact on Student Retention numbers by up to 30%.  Allowing for your support teams to understand What students are more at risk than others, meaning you go from a reactive approach   to a preventative approach.

Student Performance

Through helping your students to understand and create a reflective approach to their mental toughness, you are providing the tools for your students to deal with the pressures of study more effectively and this has a direct link to improvement in performance by as much as 25%

Student Wellbeing

As you are pushed by policy providers to provide and support students in their overall wellbeing, our MTQ suite provides insight into how your students are coping with life on campus.  This means you can then support your students more effectively through one to one sessions and maximising your pastoral care teams and support teams. 


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